Authentic French dishes

The Le Très Bon menu is a labour of love from master chef Christophe Gregoire. Like an alchemist, he transforms choice, fresh produce into authentic French dishes that warm your heart like the stone hearth in a rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Where possible, Christophe uses organic ingredients and changes the menu to match the whims of the season. Not that Christophe's menu is without elements of surprise! His gift is signature blends of herbs and spices, and sometimes exotic dishes, inspired by his travels and the tropical flavours of French colonial islands, sit alongside the expected foie gras, truffles, escargot and game.



3 courses menu – 80pp plus French Champagne cocktail Kir Royal champagne cocktaiL


Cauliflower velouté - Crème dubarry

A delicate and creamy veloute of cauliflower & leek whites. A dish dedicated to the

Countess du Barry, the favourite mistress of Louis XV (gf, veg)

French onion soup - Soupe à l’oignon gratinée

Quality onions are stewed in a tasty home-made stock and white wine.

Accompanied by shredded cheese and croûtons (gf on request)

Snails served in the French tradition. Escargots traditionnels

Snails prepared in butter, shallots, parsley and garlic – with a flavouring surprise –

Pastis from Provence! Six snails served lightly gratiné & with French baguette (gf)

Duck, chicken & pork rillettes - Rillettes du chef

A traditional French classic; caramelised duck, chicken and pork meat slow cooked with herbs

and spices until smooth and soft. Rillettes are traditionally spread on crusty bread.

Served with cornichon, rhubarb compote, French baguette and little salad (gf on request)

Tartare of beef tongue - Tartare de langue de boeuf, sauce Gribiche

This dish is like a long-lost friend, comforting and long overdue for a comeback.

Beef tongue is a luxury in France and is prepared accordingly.

Thin slices of aromatically cooked tongue accompanied with a classic Gribiche sauce;

a mayonnaise made with cooked egg yolks, Dijon mustard,

added capers, cornichon, chopped egg whites and herbs (gf)



Beef Bourguignon – Bœuf à la Bourguignonne

Prime Bungendore beef marinated and slow cooked in red wine,

mushrooms and lardons.

Served with truffled potato puree (gf)

Chef Christophe’s Cassoulet - Cassoulet du Chef Christophe

A classic hearty dish from south-west France.

Fragrant white beans cooked in a sauce with a garnish of slow cooked meat;

duck confit, lamb neck navarin and Toulouse sausage.

Served in traditional earthenware (gf)

Cod with horseradish mousseline sauce and pea purée

Morue sauce raifort, purée de pois cassés

This recipe has its origins in Nîmes, in southern France.

Aromatically poached cod, accompanied with a purée of peas and

delicate horseradish mousseline sauce

Duck confit with orange sauce - Canard confit à l’orange

A classic and prestigious French dish.

Duck leg confit and prepared with a refreshing, perfumed and delicate orange sauce.

Served with pommes Dauphine (gf)

Aubergine millefeuille

Thin layers of aubergine, basil pistou, home-made tomato sauce and

melted cheese (gf, veg)

Served with garden salad, French vinaigrette


Crêpe Suzette - Crêpe Suzette

Delicious butter crêpe drenched in thick syrup made from caramelised

fresh orange zest and Grand-Marnier

Napoleon's Vacherin - Chef Christophe's original recipe

Layers of meringue and home-made almond milk ice cream

with glazed fruits and kirsch with a raspberry coulis

Liquorice crème brûlée – Crème brûlée au réglisse

You’ll enjoy the marriage of fresh liquorice and comforting smooth crème

– textured by the caramelised toffee crust (gf)

Chocolate Kugelhopf

Traditional Alsatian chocolate cake accompanied with Gewürztraminer

Chantilly cream

Café gourmand

Six macaron biscuits; chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee, pistachio, hazelnut.

Served with a coffee of your choice (gf)



French Champagne cocktail Kir Royale with 3 courses $80 pp


Our beverages complement the menu

Our restaurant is fully licensed. Please no BYO.

Join us to celebrate truffle season 2021

June to August is truffle season, which we celebrate with special dinners, cooking classes and a daily menu to extol the virtues of these fragrant "buried treasures".

We use fresh black truffles sourced from CHEF CHRISTOPHE'S VERY OWN TRUFFLE FARM IN BUNGENDORE.

Available daily during the season (June-August)


Dubarry cauliflower veloute with truffle

Veloute dubarry à la crème de truffe (gf, veg)

A delicate and creamy veloute of cauliflower, leek whites and fresh truffle.

A sumptuous dish dedicated to the Countess du Barry, the favourite mistress of Louis XV

Main course

Bœuf Bourguignon à la truffe

Prime Bungendore beef marinated and slow-cooked in red wine, mushrooms and lardons.

Served with truffle infused potato purée and lashing of fresh truffle (gf)


Cod with fresh truffle and horseradish mousseline sauce and pea purée.


Truffled crème brulée

Crème brulée à la truffe

You’ll enjoy the marriage of fresh truffle and comforting smooth crème create against the caramelised toffee crust. (gf)

Kir Royal Champagne cocktail plus 3 courses with truffle $150pp


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