The entrées are a wonderful introduction to your dining experience. 

They have been specifically selected to stimulate your palate, in tune with the season and as an invitation into the world of genuine French classique cuisine.

Bon Appétit !

Snails served in the French tradition

Escargots traditionnels

Snails prepared in butter, shallots, parsley, garlic and a flavouring surprise –

Pastis from Provence. Six snails served lightly gratiné &with sourdough bread.

(gf on request)


Gazpacho Provençal

Gaspacho Provençal

Bright, refreshing and invigorating.  This classic gazpacho originally from sunny Provence is loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables, seasonal tomato and herbs form the base.

(gf, veg, vegan)


Warm octopus and potato salad

Salade de poulpe et pomme de terre

A seaside favourite in France. Warm slices of potatoes and slow cooked octopus, chives, échalote, celery, orange, bathed in classic French salad dressing. Summer on a plate. (gf)


Duck, chicken & pork rillettes

Rillettes du chef

A traditional French classic; caramelised duck, chicken and pork meat slow cooked with herbs and spices until smooth and soft.  Rillettes are traditionally spread on crusty bread. Served with cornichons, onion confiture, French baguette and salad. (gf on request).


Salmon carpaccio with dill

Saumon marine a l’aneth

Thin slices of pre cooked salmon, perfumed with dill and bathed in lemon juice and olive oil, with a playful little salad too. (gf)


French goat cheese & local honey croustillant on salad

Croustillant de chèvre chaud au miel

French goat cheese wrapped in a delicate and thin pastry, gently heated, drizzled with local honey and served with a seasonal summer salad. (gf, veg)


Main Courses – plats chauds

The main dishes offer you the sort of food which takes time to prepare.

Quality ingredients are sourced and where possible organic and locally grown produce is used in the preparation of the each dish.

Specific stocks are made in house to enhance these dishes and their sauces.


Duck confit with orange sauce

Canard confit à l’orange

A classic and prestigious French dish. Duck leg confit and prepared with a refreshing, perfumed and delicate orange sauce. Served with pommes Dauphine. (gf on request)


Mussels and French fries

Moules Fritesis a serious classic in French bistros. Mussels are cooked in white wine, parsley, celery and shallots. 1kg of mussels served in a deep pot. Served with French fries, of course. (gf)


Grilled beef bavette and échalote sauce

Bavette de bœuf grillée a l’échalote

A French bistro classique ; bavette or beef skirt steak is prized for its flavour and long fibres adding texture. Accompanied with French onion échalote sauce, French fries and petite salad. (gf)

How would you like your bavette cooked; rare, medium or well done?


Croquette rice ball filled with ratatouille, home-made tomato sauce

Croquette de riz a la ratatouille, sauce tomate et pistou, salade verte

Irresistible and delicious rice ball filled with seasonal ratatouille vegetables and cheese, perfect soak-up for the surrounding flavoursome tomato sauce.  A green salad accompanies this dish.


Coq au vin Le Puy green lentils

Coq au vin lentilles du Puy

Coq au vin, chicken with wine, one of the most famous dishes in French cooking. The chicken is slowcooked in white wine and aromatic garnish, creating a flavoursome sauce, enhanced with mushrooms. Served with exquisite green lentils from Le Puy in France. (gf)



The desserts are traditional and designed to round off your gastronomic experience,

for epicurean discovery and pleasure!


Bergamot crème brulée

Crème brulée à la bergamote

You’ll enjoy the marriage of fresh bergamot and comforting smooth crème – textured by the caramelised toffee crust. (gf)

*Chef notes Bergamot; we recently discovered this pure essential oil during our travels to Calabria, Italy. Production is limited to a short stretch of land near the Ionian Sea. Bergamotis a fragrant citrus fruit the size of an orange and the colour of a lime.  Extracts have been used to scent food, perfumes and cosmetics.  If you wear Channel No 5 – you love bergamot. In France, in the city of Nancy, essential oils made from bergamot are used to make square flat candy called “Bergamote de Nancy.”  I brought some bergamot oil back with me – now in Bungendore, Australia, I can joyfully use this precious oil in cooking and you can enjoy it.


Crêpes Suzette and homemade vanilla ice cream

Crêpes Suzette et glace vanille maison

Delicious butter crêpes are drenched in thick syrup made from caramelised fresh orange zest and Grand Marnier.  Home-made vanilla ice-cream accompanies this fun dessert!

Nougatglacé with pistachios, on a raspberry coulis

Nougat glacéa la pistache et coulis de framboise

Meringue, honey, whipped cream, glazed fruits, almonds, pistachio nuts make this nougat glacé – frozen dessert – simply delicious. Served with a raspberry coulis. (gf)

Alsace-style cheese cake with kirsch infused Chantilly cream

Tarte au fromage blanc d’Alsace – käsküeche– Chantilly au kirsch

A light and tangy French cheese cake, made using lighter fromage blanc – which soufflésup in the oven and then falls as it cools down.  Served appropriately – with Chantilly au kirsch.

The Colonel

Coupe ‘Le colonel’ sorbet citron, vodka

Home-made sorbet made from local organic lemons. French vodka poured over the lemon sorbet.  A delightful fusion of sweet and sour. (gf)

Café gourmand

Café gourmand

Six macaron biscuits; chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee, pistachio, hazelnut.  Served with a coffee of your choice. (gf)

Desserts 16

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