Truffle season dinner

Truffle Menu available daily 2019

2019 Truffle Season Menu

Available daily during the season (June-August)

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Whosoever says “truffles” utters a great word

which arouses erotic and gastronomic memories…

The noble tuber is not only considered delicious to taste, but is also believed

to foster powers the exercise of which is extremely pleasurable.”

Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, “The Physiology of Taste”, 1825


2019 Truffle Season Menu


Dubarry cauliflower veloute with truffle

Veloute dubarry à la crème de truffe (gf, veg)

A delicate and creamy veloute of cauliflower, leek whites and fresh truffle.

A sumptuous dish dedicated to the Countess du Barry, the favourite mistress of Louis XV



Foie gras and fresh truffle

whole lobe in a homemade fig confiture accompanied with spice bread & petite salad

Médaillon de foie gras avec truffe fraiche, confiture de figue et son pain d’épices et petite salade

A phenomenal prestigious entrée! Foie gras from France enveloped with fresh local truffle, accompanied with home-made rhubarb confiture.

Served with home-made ginger & spice bread and a petite salad. (gf on request)


Main courses

Bœuf Bourguignon à la truffe

Prime Bungendore beef marinated and slow-cooked in red wine, mushrooms and lardons.

Served with truffle infused potato purée and lashing of fresh truffle (gf)


Truffled Chicken Périgourdine

accompanied with pomme (potato) dauphine

Winter on a plate – a classic French dish. Truffle infused chicken cooked slowly in a creamy velvety sauce. Served with delightful potato puffs dauphines


Cheese raclette and truffle

Raclette is an aromatic French cheese, very popular in Savoie. Fresh truffle and raclette are heated, melted and oozing between layers of baked potatoes and confit leeks.

Served with a petite salad. (veg, gf)



Truffled crème brulée

Crème brulée à la truffe

You’ll enjoy the marriage of fresh truffle and comforting smooth crème create against the caramelised toffee crust. (gf)



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